Penetration Testing

Each of our attacks is designed to mimic real life scenarios and they are carried out by our trained experts.

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Penetration Testing

The increase of cyber-attacks, even on some of the world’s biggest companies, has led to organisations recognising the need to evaluate, improve and test their online defences. Many organisations find themselves unable to recover fully, or at all, from a cyber-attack, which is why penetration testing is so important.

Penetration testing is a process which simulates the effects of a malicious attack on your system to see how well it copes and whether it is robust enough to manage. Our penetration testing involves carrying out a number of different malicious attack situations to ensure your solution, networks and applications are all able to cope with the conditions of a real cyber-attack.

Each of our attacks is designed to mimic real life scenarios and they are carried out by our trained experts. Each test is the equivalent of a full-scale attack on your network and will fully test the ability of your systems to withstand attacks, and see whether your solutions can continue to function normally during an attack. The tests aim to find any potential entry points which could be singled out and exploited by hackers.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Reduce risks to your business whilst also increasing protection through rigorous testing. When weak points are exposed, they can be proactively worked on and protected against.
  • Regular testing helps to ensure your security provisions are satisfactory for your needs.
  • Improved business continuity as a fully secure system is less likely to suffer downtime.
  • Protect your reputation through avoiding the potentially devastating consequences of a cyber-attack.

Why choose Netplan?

Real Expertise

Our penetration testing is carried out by qualified and experienced IT security experts, including Certified Ethical Hackers, and their expertise ensures that if they do find any weaknesses they can provide the security reinforcements needed in case of a real attack.

Guaranteed Security

Every one of our security solutions is taken very seriously and we have a range of accreditations and compliances which back up our security promises. We have ISO 27001 accreditation, ISO 9001 accreditation and PCI DSS compliance.

All our client solutions are safeguarded in our ISO-accredited data centres which are secured to IL4 UK government standards and further protected by a Cisco ASA firewall.

24/7 Support

As well as our IT security experts, we have a dedicated technical support team who you can contact 24/7/365. Our team ensures that your queries are answered and any problems you have are solved quickly and efficiently, with hardware replacement provided when necessary.

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