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Office 365 has made working and collaborating from almost any location a reality. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution provider and partner, Netplan is perfectly positioned to facilitate your Office 365 and make sure you get the best from this well-known and familiar yet highly advanced and adaptable suite.

Netplan is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program member and this allows us to offer a diverse range of Microsoft cloud products to our clients. By offering Office 365 we are able to ensure your business has access some of the most recognisable and useful applications and solutions for many different tasks and operations.

Choosing Office 365

Many businesses find their IT capabilities unable to keep up with the growth needs of their business. Often there’s a worry that infrastructure doesn’t have the scale to grow at a rate that keeps up with the business. Office 365 brings together some of Microsoft’s most recognisable software and combines the most familiar desktop applications that Office is known for, with more, useful applications including file sharing, video conferencing, instant messaging, shared calendars and cloud-based business email.

Office 365 is a great choice for your business because it is familiar, easy to use and equally easy to manage. It is automatically updated and you receive the latest updates, so there’s no need to fall behind the times. It ensures your IT staff don’t need to focus on managing the tools and can direct their work to creating solutions and initiatives which push the growth of your business. Office 365 offers a wide range of different packages to suit enterprises of different sizes and it promises virtually anywhere access to email, documents and instant messaging so your staff can react in real-time to clients, all the time.

Microsoft Office 365 and Netplan

Microsoft Office 365 is a universally available product so you may wonder why it is beneficial for your business to purchase the suite via Netplan? We have Microsoft-accredited and trained professionals in our team who regularly handle migration and configuration of systems new to the cloud and without expert support it can become an expensive and long winded process. Equally ongoing support of Office 365 can be a timely distraction for your in-house IT team whereas for our professionals it is simply their job. Our accredited support staff can ensure Office 365 works exactly to your requirements whilst your IT administrators will still have full login capabilities and will be able to manage the system in-house too.

To make sure we can carry out a quick and effective migration to Microsoft cloud services and Office 365, we will need a complete list of users, passwords, public folders and other relevant information from your current service – the more you can provide about your current Exchange environment, the better we can prepare for Office 365 implementation. Migration and configuration can be achieved quickly and efficiently and all that needs to be factored in is the size of your organisation, number of users and the volume of data you wish to migrate.

As fully-trained expert professionals Netplan offers both efficient migration and consultancy services, ensuring that you have the right package for your needs and that everything is transferred efficiently and without a single problem. Our expert support is available 24/7/365 and, through Office 365, you benefit from easy collaboration across your organisation, including remote workers and those who travel for business. The latest security measures also mean everything is safe and well protected from almost any location.

Office 365 enables users to install the full suite onto up to five devices and work on files across all of these devices. It means a fully agile and mobile approach to work can be adopted and you can switch between laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones with ease. Microsoft’s mobile apps work with Windows devices but also those using Android and iOS for maximum functionality.

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