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Our services include a wide range of integrated tools such as mobile solutions, networking, databases and analytics.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud is a sophisticated platform offering a wide range of solutions and services for your business. The services include a wide range of integrated tools such as mobile solutions, networking, databases and analytics.

Netplan has a team of expert accredited and Microsoft-trained specialists to help manage your Azure Cloud services and develop a flexible, cost-effective and easy scalable cloud platform for your business.

Microsoft Azure Capabilities

Microsoft Azure is a global cloud computing platform which incorporates a diverse range of individual solutions and products. Choosing which solutions you integrate creates the ideal infrastructure for your business. Azure can be used for a huge range of different purposes including:

  • Compute
  • Web and Mobile
  • App and API Development
  • Data and Storage
  • Analytics
  • Networking
  • Media and Content Delivery Network
  • Internet of Things
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Development Support
  • Management
  • Identity and Access Management

Why Choose Azure?

There are many reasons to choose Azure for your cloud computing requires, including:

Hybrid Support

Azure is consistently updated and developed by specialists at Microsoft. It is 100% hybrid-ready, making it easy and convenient to integrate your existing IT environments with the Azure Cloud. Incorporating a large network of secure connections, storage solutions, hybrid database and data residency features, Azure makes sure everything you need is exactly where you need it.

Flexible and Adaptable

Whatever function you plan to use Azure for, it is designed to be accessible and compatible with a wide range of different operating systems, programming languages, tools, devices and databases. It is designed to provide the perfect environment for IT professionals and developers who will find the same tools and technologies they are used to using within Azure, removing the need to learn a new set of skills before the new infrastructure can be put in place.

Internet of Things

Microsoft has developed a sophisticated and comprehensive Internet of Things suite which incorporates all relevant Azure elements. It enables businesses to fully embrace and experience the potential of one of the newest developments in cloud technology. The ability to connect various devices and capture and generate high volume data sets, as well as analysing and managing this data allows for more streamlined, intelligent and automated processes.


Security and data protection are integral to everything built online and Microsoft know better than most the importance of putting these elements at the forefront of their products. The Azure Cloud platform benefits from industry-leading commitments from Microsoft on the protection and privacy of data. Both Azure data centres and the infrastructure in place meet stringent international standards for security and adhere to strict legislation.

On Demand

Microsoft boasts one of the world’s largest multi-terabit connecting dark fibre networks in the world, with over 100 data centres in total. The Azure cloud has the capacity to meet the needs of your business on demand, however the requirements change. With the cloud, you are free of logistical problems or physical barriers that non-cloud, traditional infrastructures require –changes and developments can be offered almost instantly.

Identity Management

The Azure Active Directory has been developed to allow you to control all users and groups within your business centrally. It helps you secure and manage access to both in-house and cloud applications including Microsoft’s online services and software applications such as Office 365.

Azure and Netplan

As a global cloud platform, Azure benefits from Microsoft’s robust infrastructure and offers tremendous flexibility. It is a powerful tool for building your business’ cloud services configuration, but can be complex for newcomers, with many different aspects to configure, manage and maintain and it takes specialist training to get an in-depth understanding of how every element of Azure works. This is why your business needs a reputable and experienced Azure management partner in Netplan, who can ensure that all aspects of your Azure cloud are configured and managed effectively. These are some of the many reasons businesses choose Netplan to manage and maintain your Azure cloud:

24/7 Support

Our teams of professional support technicians are available 24/7/365 to ensure your able to get support instantly when you require it. Our support teams are fully trained and qualified to assist with any problems with your Azure setup.

Expert Consultancy

If you haven’t yet invested in Azure, then we have the expert knowledge to advise and make recommendations based on your requirements. Through our consultancy services we can help create a configuration within Azure which utilises just those services and applications suitable for your business and together we can ensure you have the ideal Azure solution for your needs.

Hybrid Support

We offer a range of different integrated options which allow your business to maximise its use of the cloud. Whilst it may be you have plenty of data and applications which are more than suitable for the public Azure Cloud, it is understandable you may want to also keep some elements privately, utilising a private cloud setup and this is something we can develop, ensuring you have the full cloud capabilities to suit your business needs.

Stress-Free Migration

Many businesses are concerned about moving to Azure or any cloud solution because of the migration process, and the risk of things being lost in the process or it not working at all. Netplan’s cloud computing and infrastructure experts ensure that the whole process is carried out efficiently, seamlessly and there is no cause for concern at any juncture.

Transparent Pricing

We deliver cost effective and competitively priced products at all levels and make this clear through our transparent pricing and range of different options and services for different budgets. Utilising our services for all your Microsoft management needs, including Azure, reduces the amount of separate paperwork you have to deal with, speeding up the accounting process and allowing you to plan your budget more effectively.

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