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Enjoy all the convenience and effective of AWS with the advantage of fully-tailored expertise and managed support.

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Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Netplan allow you to enjoy all the convenience and effectiveness of AWS, with the advantage of fully-tailored expertise and managed support. Our team are fully-AWS qualified and work to deliver enhanced support and solutions through the popular suite of services.

AWS is the market share leader in public cloud services and AWS benefits from the global brand’s solid infrastructure, flexible approach and rapid deployment of all solutions. AWS solutions are efficient, responsive and they are a popular choice with businesses looking to make their first moves towards the cloud. With Netplan and AWS, you can get an optimally-tailored package of cloud services for your business.

Netplan AWS Solutions

AWS offers an extensive range of attractive enterprise-ready solutions with a wide range of features and capabilities which include:

AWS Compute

A range of different cloud computing services, designed to meet the needs of your applications. They include Elastic Load Balancing, Elastic Cloud Compute and Auto Scalability. Amazon’s global scale means it can cope with flexible requirements and is responsive to each individual client’s needs.

AWS Databases

Fully managed NoSQL and relational databases with scalable storage space. Amazon Relational Database Service makes creating and managing databases in the cloud as easy as you can imagine.

AWS Networking

A range of networking services which allow for the creation and management of networks, which are tailored to your needs, including Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect and Amazon Route 53 scalable domain name system.

SSD as Standard

Our servers are implemented with solid state drivers as standard which further enhances performance and ensures high performance even with applications that require multiple random read IOPs.

AWS Deployment

Our data centres provide the safe and secure based for your server and each data centre has been built to the highest industry standards and is ISO-accredited. We ensure you have access to only the highest levels of enterprise-grade infrastructure and everything is positioned to offer the highest levels of service and optimised performance.

AWS Deployment

Designed to enable effective deployment and management of AWS services, including AWS CloudFormation, Identity and Access Management and cost optimisation. It also offers full application management, API activity logging and incorporates AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Code Deploy and AWS OpsWorks.

AWS Configuration Management

Speed up deployment and enable rapid synchronisation with additional capacity offered via AWS Puppet Enterprise, for complex clouds where automation can make all the difference.

AWS and Netplan

Offering our services 24/7/365 we have a dedicated team of AWS-trained and fully-qualified support technicians. Our technicians are accredited by Amazon and can help with any element of your AWS service, making sure you get the best possible solution.

If you are considering AWS but have not yet committed, we can also provide consultancy and help to identify the best setup, utilising as many or as few applications with the AWS suite as necessary. With the right configuration, AWS can be a highly effective tool for your business and we want to make sure you get everything you can from it.

AWS and your Business

There are many ways in which AWS supported and managed by Netplan can be used for your business including:

Developer Support

AWS has a wide range of tools in its arsenal which can be used by your developers and enable them to create a wide range of different solutions for marketing different products. AWS means developers can carry out many of their core activities from debugging code to product testing in many different environments thanks to the accessibility of the AWS cloud.

Temporary Servers

If you’re launching a new marketing campaign, running some A/B testing on a new website design or want to test how successfully your site can cope with a spike in traffic AWS can help and quickly provide a handy virtual server to manage these requirements.

Application Hosting

Many of the world’s best known web applications are hosted on AWS. Everything from Spotify to Reddit uses AWS application hosting, due to its intuitive and flexible design. AWS makes it easy to manage, develop and maintain apps and as with the full AWS suite, the solutions can be quickly scaled.

Big Data

AWS can be used to manage all your Big Data needs. If you have bulk storage requirements, AWS can be used to perform Big Data analytics. Those analytics can be used to find and meet the challenges of the changing nature of the digital data and how it is used for business. AWS is an agile solution and can be scaled to meet the demands of your business.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Netplan specialises in creating solutions to meet the needs of the client and this is possible with AWS too. We offer the flexible requirements you need, and integrate the AWS public cloud solution with other elements including a secure private cloud for customer data and any sensitive information you may need to keep private.

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