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Why use Netplan for your Hosted Exchange needs

Business-level Microsoft Exchange offers hosted email solutions for enterprises of all sizes and, with Netplan, you can expect 100% uptime thanks to our secure infrastructure as well as full management and support of your product.

Your business’ communications are key to its success and being able to access everything you need wherever you are is essential. Business-level Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a platform that offers every feature you could need from your email solution.

With Hosted Exchange support from Netplan you will enjoy a fully-functional enterprise class email solution that utilises the high quality and robust Microsoft infrastructure and their equally secure and stringent security settings. Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a familiar and recognisable platform which is easy to grasp and easy to implement throughout your business.

With Hosted Exchange, you eliminate the hassle of hosting your own email servers and benefit from feature-rich, scalable and flexible Microsoft Exchange. Powerful mailbox tools and features are accessible to all within your company who require them and with Microsoft you are assured enhanced performance, productivity and security.

Netplan Hosted Exchange solutions benefit from our expertise in the initial setup of the solution, but also from our long-term support and the benefit of our own data centre infrastructure to ensure the 100% uptime your business needs.

Hosted Exchange aids collaborative working as it makes sharing documents, calendars, contacts and tasks with ease. Once again putting productivity at the forefront, this allows your business activities to be streamlined, easily managed and highly attuned to your business’ needs.

Our in-depth Microsoft hosting knowledge ensures our reliability as your Hosted Exchange provider and we offer: 100GB mailbox as standard as well as 24/7 access to Microsoft qualified technicians should there ever be an issue.

Like many of our products and solutions, Hosted Exchange can be integrated to form part of your full configuration from Netplan and the flexibility of Exchange ensures you can scale up or down as your business requires.

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