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Investing in Cloud VDI solutions can significantly reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure

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Cloud VDI

Delivering a fully functioning office via the cloud is the purpose and aim of our Cloud VDI services. Full desktops and business applications can be delivered via a cloud-based interface. Supporting remote offices, remote workers and Bring Your Own Device policies, our hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure efficiently delivers every desktop service you offer and all related data, straight from the cloud. This enables your workforce – wherever they’re based and whatever device they’re using – to access the business applications they need.

Investing in Cloud VDI solutions can significantly reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure, integrate a range of other solutions from Netplan, including our other Cloud products and services. Working with Netplan, you’ll also benefit from our robust, secure data centre infrastructure.

VMWare Hosted Virtual Desktop Platform

Netplan uses VMWare for our Cloud VDI solutions, which is recognised as one of the world’s leading virtualisation and remote desktop suppliers. Known for offering the highest performance levels and the delivery of scalable platforms, it can handle resources of all kinds, including those critical to your business’ operation. The other benefits of VMWare and Netplan combined include:


All our systems are future-proofed to make sure you have access to the latest versions of all software and applications, including Windows products and others you rely on for your business.

Enhanced Security

Utilising our secure data centres, you will enjoy enhanced security and business continuity as your data is removed from local hard drives. Our data centres ensure everything is backed up daily and replicated at a separate location for additional backup security.

Unified, Collaborative Work Environment

Your desktop can be accessed from almost any device with VMWare Horizon View Client and –as it allows you to access everything used in-house – no specialist training or expert understanding is required to use the VDI. It simply utilises the familiar Windows interface you and your staff are used to.

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