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Our Web Accelerator is designed to keep things speedy and maximise your online sales and conversions.

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Web Accelerator

If you need a website which is faster than average, then our Web Accelerator can really help. Utilising exclusive hardware which combines advanced acceleration and compression technology to manage high volumes of traffic, it’s a great option for many businesses, especially those with peak periods such as eCommerce and retail sites.

Improving your website speeds gives you the chance to get ahead of the competition and show your customers how committed you are to offering them a fantastic user experience. Our Web Accelerator is designed to keep things speedy and maximise your online sales and conversions.

Our Web Accelerator hardware allows a much larger number of users to access your website at any one time, yet keeps site load time and performance optimised. You remove the need for further investment in IT infrastructure as you don’t require additional servers to manage bigger loads. These are some of the other business benefits of Web Accelerator:

  • Accelerate up to 90% of your website
  • Expand your business without investing in further IT infrastructure
  • Enhance visitor experience and performance
  • Manage high traffic without lagging or slow load times
  • The option of an anti-DDoS module
  • Compatibility with both Linux and Windows
  • Dedicated single/redundant options available

Web Accelerator is designed to provide a speed boost for sites which receive high volume traffic, are content rich with heavy static content, and where you need a boost in performance and availability. It is a good partner for sites built on Magento.

Why Choose Netplan?

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee 100% uptime as we understand just how damaging it can be when your website is down. In addition to our uptime guarantee we also provide an efficient hardware replacement service and you can access our expert technicians 24 hours a day.

Top Level Security

We have strict information security policies which ensure the protection of your data and applications. Your solution is housed within our ISO-accredited data centres and sits behind a Cisco ASA firewall as standard for ultimate protection.

We also have PCI DSS compliance accreditation, demonstrating our full commitment to ensuring the safety of your financial transactions and card payments, protecting you against hacking and credit card fraud and we can also help to protect your clients’ data.

Expert Support

We employ only highly-experienced technicians, available 24/7/365 to provide you with direct support and guidance with your solutions. Whatever your support needs, we can provide precise guidance and advice and as all our clients have their own personal account manager and support team you will be able to speak to someone who is well acquainted with your account and your business.

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