Total Cover

We offer a completely bespoke, individually-tailored package of support and additional services to enhance the performance of your setup.

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Total Cover

Our Total Cover solution for your hosting or server service is a completely bespoke, individually-tailored package of support and additional services to enhance the performance of your setup. We utilise our industry experience and technical knowledge to engineer the right solutions for your needs, bringing in different factors for different businesses. We can advise which elements of our Total Cover services are best for your business, helping you can pick those which meet your business needs.

Backup and Restore

If you suffer a disaster with your software or hardware – or even lose a server – we offer services to ensure your business is up and running as quickly as possible afterwards. We offer customisable and fully flexible backup solutions, with a dedicated backup network.

Our experienced engineers and technicians work with a range of leading backup technologies to restore your critical data and servers and to help resume normal service as quickly as possible.


If you've ever experienced unexpected downtime, you will appreciate the benefits of our dedicated SLA+ guarantee.

With SLA+ you benefit from a priority service including a rapid response time of 15 minutes, plus 1 hour parts and labour including hardware replacement - helping you get business-ready quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Monitoring

We provide proactive monitoring for all our clients’ service 24/7, allowing us to catch any potential threats or issues before they effect performance. We can also pinpoint areas of vulnerability before they become problems and our monitoring allows you to focus on your core business interests as we safeguard your server. You will receive immediate notification if any issues arise.

Annual Security Audit

We provide annual security audits for all our clients, ensuring that your infrastructure is fully secured and is fully up-to-date. Through scanning, monitoring and focusing in on potential weak spots, we’re able to strengthen and enhance your infrastructure and remove any risks to your data.

Disaster Insurances

Disaster can happen to any business and it can cause real issues, especially where data is concerned. Whether you suffer catastrophic data loss or a DDoS attack, you should ensure you have insurance to protect your business and we offer both data recovery and bandwidth insurance.

Data Recovery Insurance

Should a hard drive fail occur, this insurance ensures that data recovery can begin immediately and our rapid response and skilled technicians ensure business continuity and minimal downtime.

Bandwidth Insurance

Our bandwidth insurance helps to protect your budget from any additional bandwidth charges. It is handy to have if you needed to exceed your bandwidth limit due to an unexpected traffic spike, possibly due to a DDoS attack or related malware. If you exceed bandwidth in these instances, this insurance guarantees you won’t occur any additional costs.

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