Disaster Recovery

3 out of 4 companies aren’t prepared for a disaster. Don’t be one of them.


The first step is realistically assessing what you need to recover from a disaster


The second step is implementing a disaster recovery plan based on your needs

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IT Disaster Recovery, when downtime isn’t an option

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan in place in this day in age is not an option for the majority of businesses. Business Continuity is increasingly becoming a necessity as businesses become more reliant on their IT systems to deliver their core business applications and store their data. Gartner estimates 40 percent of businesses that lose their data in a disaster go out of business within 5 years.

Our disaster recovery options can help you:

  • Reduce costs over in-house recovery solutions
  • Implement automatic failover, failback, and recovery logic
  • Ensure your critical applications are always available
  • Recover fully in minutes rather than hours or days
  • Manage multiple sites into a single DR location
  • Avoid hardware vendor lock in with our hardware agnostic services
  • Create and maintain storage backups on a regular basis
  • Meet all your recovery time objectives (RTOs)

Our disaster recovery solutions include:

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Why should you use a cloud service provider for disaster recovery?

According to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey, 65% of companies that test their DR plan fail to meet their recovery objectives. And 25% never test their DR plan at all.

Why is it so many companies fail to pass their tests, or don't even bother testing?

The reality of in-house DR solutions

Implementing in-house DR solutions are expensive, time consuming, and often impossible to test without affecting the production environment. It doesn't matter if you have a fully virtualised environment or dedicated physical servers, storage and networks. You'll have 2x the equipment and licensing costs, plus training, power, and cooling fees. Even with the proper training, performing a test without experience could result in downtime for your production systems if something goes wrong.

The solution to keeping your business running after a disaster

Using a cloud-based DR solution solves the issues many companies face trying to build their own DR solution. Our account managers and IT technicians have helped companies assess, implement and test DR solutions multiple times over. We help reduce costs, improve training, and significantly lower the risk involved when compared to in-house solutions. Every DR solution is designed to be tested, so you'll know it will work if you ever need it.

Private cloud disaster recovery example

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Private Cloud DR Example

Choosing the right disaster recovery solution for you

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

With DRaaS there's no need to reproduce your exact environment at the DR site, offering significant cost savings over traditional DR solutions. Our hardware agnostic solution provides:

  • RTOs of minutes instead of hours or days
  • Automatic failover, failback and recovery
  • Data protection and workload mobility
  • Full integration with VMware vCloud

Virtual Machine Backup as a Service (VM BaaS)

Secure, fast, reliable, and flexible solutions to backup data and VMs are the heart of our BaaS offering. Rest assured knowing your backups:

  • Are up to 20x faster than other data transfer methods
  • Can reliably restore entire VMs, applications, or single files in minutes
  • Are complete, without the need for periodic full backups
  • Are stored securely offsite

Replication as a Service (RaaS)

Software based replication solutions mean your data and VMs are always in sync with your production environments. Our RaaS fills in the gaps of SRM and is:

  • Fully compatible with vSphere Essentials and above
  • Focused on applications, not simply VMs or LUNs
  • Scalable for any size VMware infrastructure
  • Designed for RPOs of seconds

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Solve your 4 main disaster recovery issues using the cloud

Traditional in-house disaster recovery solutions are challenging and fraught with problems. Our cloud-based solutions solve these problems so you can be sure your business will always recover quickly without loss of revenue or damage to your reputation. Here's how we can help:

Reduce capital expenditure

When you use our cloud-based DR solutions, there's no need to purchase a second set of hardware and software to reproduce your production environment. Instead, you'll take advantage of pay as you go subscriptions for just what you need and never a pence more.

Focus on applications

DR solutions created by IT departments often focus on data backups, building servers and network connections. While this is all necessary, the focus is on the mechanics of DR. What really matters is your applications and ability to continue functioning in a disaster. It's a mindset difference that can help you keep your most important applications and data accessible when you need them the most.

Testing, testing, testing

Too many organisations discover their DR solution is inadequate or broken after it's too late. All our DR solutions include the ability to test as often as you need to without affecting production environments. RTOs and RPOs can be analysed, adjusted and improved based on testing results so you'll know you can keep your business up and running when you need to.

Automatic failover, failback and recovery

Reduce the human factor in recovery efforts by using our fully automated software that's faster and less expensive than relying on IT staff to complete a recovery manually. This is especially important for organisations that historically only used disaster recovery for limited data or applications, leaving the IT staff to rebuild other systems from scratch or backup tapes.

Why Choose Netplan?

We use only high performance, enterprise-grade infrastructure and your solution is housed in our ISO-accredited UK data centres.

Our centres are designed with resilience at the heart of their design and are secured to IL4 government standards

Our multi-10GB network includes multi-homing which provides optimised conditions for sever hosting. It is built with speed and security in mind.

We offer reliable peering strategy combined with market leading hardware which ensures a network with no single point of failure.

In every regional Point of Presence (POP), we include Cisco hardware to provide a continuous unaffected service; this means we can continue even if there a total loss of a router and/or circuit.

For additional resilience each POP has a redundant UPS system and two independent UPS's feeding the equipment. So should either UPS fail your connectivity will not be affected. Each POP also has emergency generator backup so we are guaranteed never to suffer a power outage.

Consistent monitoring of all of our network routes 24/7/365 which ensures our engineers are aware of potential problems before they occur and can react to early warning signs.

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