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If you don’t provide a safeguard for your vital data, you put your business’ reputation at risk.

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Protecting your business’ data is critical for the day-to-day running of your business and so, if the worst were to happen, you need a solid backup in place to ensure your data is safe. With our managed server backup solutions, you always have an up-to-date copy of your critical data and applications available, making server backups quick, easy and convenient, minimising downtime.

We offer a range of different market-leading server backup solutions to protect your critical data. Data protection is a business necessity, which makes a solid backup solution to manage business risks, ensure compliance and keep costs manageable essential. If you don’t provide a safeguard for your vital data, you put your business’ reputation at risk.

Our backup process ensures a copy of your data is created at a set point in time and this is regularly updated and backed up so, if the worst should happen, you can still access your data. Even in the unlikely event of a complete failure, your data can be reconstructed from the backup point.

Netplan Backup

Operating on a seven-day cycle, our standard backup service guarantees that, once a week, a full backup of all your data takes place, with an incremental backup of some kind every other day. Your backup quota will be allocated based on your system’s capacity, which is tailored specifically to you and your business.

Netplan Advanced Backup

Advanced features include flexibility for when your full and incremental backups take place and this can mean daily, twice weekly, fortnightly or whatever your business requires. Our advanced backup also comes with faster transfer speeds and increased security, as you have a segregated space for your data backups.

Benefits of Backing Up:

It is essential for your business that you have a secure backup of your data. The benefits of backing up with Netplan include:

  • Backup space which is allocated dependent on your business needs, allowing you to budget
  • Burstable quotas to handle unexpected capacity increases
  • A range of different options to suit varying budgets
  • Consistent monitoring to hone in on any issues before they become significant problems
  • Backup windows which ensure no interruption for your clients or downtime

Why Choose Netplan?

24/7 Support

Our expert technicians can be contacted 24/7/365 should you require any assistance or technical support. As standard we provide you with an account manager and dedicated support team so you should always be able to contact someone who has a thorough understanding of your solution and your business.

Reliable, “Always-On” Service

Our 100% network uptime guarantee protects your service and ensures you can access what you need when you need it. This is further supported by our reactive technical support and quick and efficient response to any hardware replacement requirements. We monitor all servers closely to ensure any potential issues are pre-empted and dealt with before they become a problem to you.

Robust Security

We know that your business’ data is a critical component of its success and we provide solutions which fully safeguard it.

Your servers are housed in our ISO 27001 accredited data centres and are placed behind a Cisco ASA firewall as standard.

Our PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is evidence of our commitment to safe and secure card payment and protection of your data and details in every instance and we can also assist in protecting your clients’ data.

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