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Netplan Hosting Solutions

There are many different ways in which IT solutions can be used to enrich your business and handle a wide range of different issues. We have put together a range of optimised solutions which can provide everything from higher availability and disaster recovery to additional security. Simply get in touch with us to find a solution within our toolkit that suits your needs.


Our range of server backup solutions is designed to minimise downtime should data loss occur, or make it easy to rollback and recover data.

Ecommerce Hosting

Speed and reliability are essential for success in eCommerce and we offer superfast, reliable and secure eCommerce server hosting solutions. You can choose between Magento servers, dedicated Linux or Windows servers or a range of hybrid and private cloud solutions to suit your eCommerce needs.

CDN Services

We offer content delivery network services to combine with both our Windows and Linux dedicated server environments. These high availability solutions help ensure your business is online 24 hours a day, every day.

Disaster Recovery

Our range of customisable disaster recovery solutions is designed to ensure maximum uptime and business continuity. There are a range of different options available to suit different businesses.

Monitoring Solutions

Proactive and consistent monitoring of your server allows us to be immediately alerted to any potential issues before they impact upon your business.

Total Cover

Designed to offer increased security and peace of mind, our Total Cover solution brings together a range of different elements, from advanced monitoring and security audits to data recovery insurance, and can be customised to your business’ individual needs.

Web Acceleration

Further high availability solutions for your business, with both Windows and Linux dedicated servers catered for and even more opportunity to ensure your business is online 24/7/365.

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