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Backup and recovery times reduced by 95%


Single file, application or entire VM recovery

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Off-site backup storage is a key component of any disaster recovery plan

Best practices say you should keep three copies of backups for your environment. At least one of them should be stored off-site in case of a disaster at your location.

Traditionally off-site storage involved transporting tapes or hard drives to a safe location.

Tapes get lost, hard drives fail, and even controlled environmental conditions don’t prevent corrupted backups. Whatever the reason, a backup that can’t be used in a disaster will only compound the disaster. You’ll have longer downtime and most likely irrecoverable data loss.

Fortunately, there is a better way to get your backups off-site: Use our VM backup as a service (VM BaaS) to automatically backup and transfer your data and VMs to our cloud-based infrastructure.

A BaaS sophisticated enough to meet the most demanding requirements

There’s never been a time when off-site backups were as critical to business continuity and availability as today. By leveraging the cloud and our BaaS solution, you’ll always know your backups are able to meet your RTO and RPO requirements. We can be so sure of that because we’ve partnered with Veeam, a software backup solution with the following benefits:


Restore a single VM or individual items directly from a storage snapshot. No decompressing files or searching endless tape to find what you need.


Every backup is automatically verified as it is created to ensure it will successfully recover your data and VMs.

Easy to use

Free your IT staff from babysitting duty and let them get on helping your business infrastructure and applications run smoothly.

1-Click restore

Just one click for self-service recovery of VMs in just about 2 minutes depending on your configuration.


Veeam’s patented WAN acceleration technology transfers your data 50 times faster than a standard file copy over the same network.


End to end encryption of backups at rest and in-flight. Advanced features allow recovery and security even if passwords are lost.

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More DR solutions from Netplan

Our suite of disaster recovery solutions includes Replication as a Service (RaaS), DR as a Service (DRaaS), and VM Backup as a Service (VM BaaS). We can help you examine your current environment, plans for growth, and determine the best solutions for you.

It’s the “S” in BaaS that makes our solution work best for you

Simply using technically superior replication software isn’t enough if you don’t back it up with equally superior support

Dedicated support

Every Baas customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. If you ever have a problem or question, you have a single point of contact that knows you and your business.

Subscription based

Our custom pricing plans are created specifically for you and your business. You’ll never pay for more than you need, and you’ll never have to purchase your own hardware.

Built for growth

As your business grows and changes, we have enough infrastructure and room to grow to continue to support you. Simply contact your dedicated account manager when your needs change.

Technical expertise

Our technical staff works with replication day in and day out and is able to provide you unequaled expertise. And you can reach them 24/7/365. They’re ready to respond quickly if you need them.

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