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A new way of thinking of replication in virtual environments

For years, array-based replication provided the best solution for organisations that needed to maintain up-to-date backups of their data and virtual environments. But those solutions come with hardware vendor lock-in and a huge potential for “storage sprawl” and ever increasing hardware costs.

As the cloud service industry and applications matured, software solutions more suited to virtual environments have emerged that function in a totally new way. Our RaaS solution uses replication at the hypervisor layer to replicate your data and VMs to a secure location in our data centre without needing to pay for identical storage equipment. The ability to specify one, all, or a group of VMs for replication means you just pay for the storage you need, without all the extra, unnecessary storage arrays.

Benefits of Replication at the Hypervisor level:

  • Created to replicate virtual environments
  • Storage vendor independence
  • Offers continuous replication
  • Zero impact on application performance
  • Simplified management with vCloud integration
  • Group VMs to replicate only critical applications
  • More cost effective geographic redundance

Our RaaS is infinitely flexible, reliable and scalable to meet your recovery objectives

To provide the best RaaS solution in the cloud, we’ve partnered with Zerto. No other software replication offers as many features or benefits for virtualised environments.

Targeted Replication

Zerto calls it granularity, we call it targeted replication. You can select one VM, one application over multiple VMs, or groups of VMs to replicate. There’s no need to replicate all your physical servers when you can select just what you need with guaranteed synchronization across applications.


As your business grows, RaaS grows with you. Adding additional VMs or VM groups into replication is completely managed in software. It easily scales with your needs as they change without the investment of capital funds for additional storage.

Hardware agnostic

Even if you’re invested into a particular storage solution, with Zerto you can replicate to our storage from a different vendor or configuration. This is because Zerto works at the hypervisor layer without any dependencies on the underlying hardware.

Aggressive RTOs and RPOs

Our RaaS can meet the most demanding RTOs and RPOs making it ideal for disaster recovery of critical data and systems. Unlike replication using snapshots or standard backups, we offer continuous replication. RPOs are measured in seconds, and RTOs are just minutes.

Simplified management

Zerto is fully compatible with VMware’s vCloud Director (vCD) enabling you to replicate virtual data centres and other entities within vCD. Current DR solutions aren’t aware of vCD, adding complexity to a an already critical and potentially difficult DR plan. But Zerto provides a single interface for management of all systems.

Support for vMotion

Our hypervisor based replication supports any infrastructure, even if you use VMware vMotion or the Distributed Resource Schedule for load balancing or data management. Other replication solutions can’t manage when a VM is moved around or data is relocated. With Zerto and our RaaS you can still get all the benefits of virtualisation.

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Our suite of disaster recovery solutions includes Replication as a Service (RaaS), DR as a Service (DRaaS), and VM Backup as a Service (VM BaaS). We can help you examine your current environment, plans for growth, and determine the best solutions for you.

It’s the “S” in RaaS that makes our solution work best for you

Simply using technically superior replication software isn’t enough if you don’t back it up with equally superior support

Dedicated support

Every RaaS customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. If you ever have a problem or question, you have a single point of contact that knows you and your business.

Subscription based

Our custom pricing plans are created specifically for you and your business. You’ll never pay for more than you need, and you’ll never have to purchase your own hardware.

Built for growth

As your business grows and changes, we have enough infrastructure and room to grow to continue to support you. Simply contact your dedicated account manager when your needs change.

Technical expertise

Our technical staff works with replication day in and day out and is able to provide you unequaled expertise. And you can reach them 24/7/365. They’re ready to respond quickly if you need them.

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