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60% of organisations have turned to DRaaS solutions

According to Forrester, 37% of North American and European businesses will be implementing or expanding their use of DRaaS services in the next year. Another 33% plan to do so, but didn't specify a timeline. It's expected the use of DRaas will continue to increase as companies become more comfortable using the cloud.

DRaaS provides many advantages over traditional DR solutions including reduced costs, ease of implementation, and more focus on applications and business continuity. Organisations with aggressive RTOs are finding cloud-based solutions are the only practical way to ensure they can meet their objectives.

Everything you need for disaster recovery in an easy to use, cost effective service

  • No hardware to buy
  • No software licenses to manage
  • RPOs of seconds
  • RTOs of minutes, not hours or days
  • Automatic failover, failback, and recovery
  • Secure storage and transfer of data
  • Multiple sites into a single DR location
  • Simple, subscription fee based services

Benefits of our DRaaS solution

Until recently, cloud based disaster recovery required a disparate set of applications, management, and manual effort. We offer the first, and only, DR solution designed to work with the cloud based on Zerto Virtual Replication.

Hardware agnostic

Zerto is designed to work at the hypervisor layer. It can replicate data and VMS regardless of the hardware running underneath. This allows anyone to use our infrastructure for DR without the expense of purchasing a second environment to host in our data centre.

Fully integrates with vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director offers a single view of your virtualised environment. Zerto is the only DR solution that is vCloud “aware” enough to understand virtual data centres, vApps, networks and more. You can easily manage which entities are recovered, in what order, using your vCloud configurations.

VMware replication

Different organisations use different parts of the VMware software suite. Zerto is designed to seamlessly replicate between vSphere and VCloud Director. No matter what your VMware configurations is, Zerto and our DRaaS will be able to replicate it.

Scales with your business

DRaaS means you’ll always have enough resources to ensure your recovery plan includes all your applications and data. Since we offer a complete software solution rather than hardware, adding new VMs is as simple as creating a new virtual appliance. No account changes or additional fees required.

Fully Automated

Our solution automatically performs failover, failback, recovery and testing removing the dependence on IT staff to respond to emergencies immediately, leaving your systems down while you wait. Automation improves performance and reduces costs and losses in an emergency situation.

Proactive service and support

Every DRaaS customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. If you ever have a problem or question, you have a single point of contact that knows you and your business. Technical support is available 24/7/365, so we’re ready to respond if needed in a disaster.

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More DR solutions from Netplan

Our suite of disaster recovery solutions includes Replication as a Service (RaaS), DR as a Service (DRaaS), and VM Backup as a Service (VM BaaS). We can help you examine your current environment, plans for growth, and determine the best solutions for you.

Don’t go it alone. Our DRaaS solution is designed to work for you.

Traditional in-house disaster recovery solutions are challenging and fraught with problems. Our DRaaS solves these problems so you can be sure your business will always recover quickly without loss of revenue or damage to your reputation. Here's how we can help:

Reduce capital expenditure

When you use our DRaaS, there's no need to purchase a second set of hardware and software to reproduce your production environment. Instead, you'll take advantage of pay as you go subscriptions for just what you need and never a pence more.

Focus on applications

DR solutions created by IT departments often focus on data backups, building servers and network connections. While this is all necessary, the focus is on the mechanics of DR. What really matters is your applications and ability to continue functioning in a disaster. It's a mindset difference that can help you keep your most important applications and data accessible when you need them the most.

Testing, testing, testing

Too many organisations discover their DR solution is inadequate or broken after it's too late. All our DR solutions include the ability to test as often as you need to without affecting production environments. RTOs and RPOs can be analysed, adjusted and improved based on testing results so you'll know you can keep your business up and running when you need to.

Automatic failover, failback and recovery

Reduce the human factor in recovery efforts by using our fully automated software that's faster and less expensive than relying on IT staff to complete a recovery manually. This is especially important for organisations that historically only used disaster recovery for limited data or applications, leaving the IT staff to rebuild other systems from scratch or backup tapes.

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