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Fully redundant Cisco based network with no single point of failure

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Netplan Network

Business class connectivity with a guaranteed 100% uptime SLA

Within each data centre we’ve built a fully redundant network using Cisco enterprise class routers and switches enabling us to offer a guaranteed 100% uptime SLA. Each network is monitored and managed 24/7/365 by our CCNP qualified engineers who are trained to respond to any incident quickly.

Reliability, flexibility, and connectivity are critical components of any network. We’ve designed all the networks in our data centres to provide you with all three. You can rest assured our network can handle whatever your business needs.

Guaranteed 100% uptime or your money back

Our network SLA guarantees you’ll always be connected. It’s more than just a promise. Read our full SLA document to find out our exact terms.

Gigabit connections

Everything in our data centres are connected at a minimum of 1 GB wire speeds. This includes connections between hypervisors, firewalls, routers and switches.

Low latency guarantee

We guarantee the average latency on the UK network will be 60 milliseconds or less. Transatlantic average latencies are guaranteed to be 140 milliseconds or less.

RIPE registered

As members of RIPE, the European governing body for IP address allocation, we’re able to help resolve any technical issues or conflicts with your IP addresses allocations.


Our data centres peer with the major Internet exchanges in the UK, US, and Germany. We have multi-gigabit connections to meet the most demanding customer requirements for latency and bandwidth.

IPv4 and IPv6

While the world is slowly making its way toward enabling IPv6, we’re ready to support both IPv6 and IPv4 today.

IP Transit

We can offer multi-homed connections to the Internet backbone at any of our data centres. IP Transit may be delivered as either a BGP feed or using static allocations.


Setup secure networks between facilities, or between servers and clients in SaaS offerings. Our network engineers are available to design and manage these private networks.

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