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Powerful, Efficient, and Secure Data Centres in the UK, US, and Europe

Five separate facilities around the globe offer you the ultimate flexibility in creating the solution you need for your business. Our customer base utilises our data centres for both primary and geographically separated disaster recovery locations as well as points of presence for international corporations. In each data centre, Netplan own and manage the entire infrastructure ensuring our ability to meet SLA guarantees.

All of our data centres:

  • Are Tier 3 facilities, 2 with Tier 4 optional
  • Are carrier neutral
  • Offer N+1 power and cooling or better
  • Employ physical security staff 24/7/365
  • Offer controlled access with CCTV
  • Are ISO 27001 certified

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Telehouse West - London

Our Primary Co-Location facility is based in Telehouse West

The newest of the Telehouse Dockland data centres, Telehouse West has 4705 m2 of colocation space. Five of the nine floors are designated for tenants offering 'localised data centre environments'. This provides rack space and individual power/cooling provisions on each floor protecting your systems from failure.

Home of a new peering switch for the London Internet Exchange, Telehouse West provides low-latency networking for demanding customers and applications. It is also one of our most environmentally friendly facilities having received the Carbon Trust Standard Award for reducing carbon emissions year over year. Power is provided by SmartestEnergy from 100% certified renewable power sources.

Telehouse West is one of our data centres that also has PCI-DSS Attestation. If you need to build a PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure, you can get there faster when hosting or colocating in Telehouse West.

Telehouse West gallery

Telehouse West, London
Telehouse West, London
Telehouse West, London


Average power per rack - 4kW

  • Four redundant HV power systems, from separate grids to each building on the Docklands site
  • 2 (N+1) redundant UPS floor by floor
  • On-site primary substation with total capacity of 50MVA with cooling and two 132kV power lines directly connected to the National Grid with two transformers providing N+N redundancy
  • 8 x 2.5MVA 11kV Generators with N+1 redundant standby generators with a minimum of 24 hours autonomy at full capacity
  • Redundant A &B power feeds to customer equipment


The facility continues the availability of wide connectivity to major telecoms and network service providers and offers customers connectivity to any telecom presence in the Telehouse data centres.

  • Connectivity to 2 meet me rooms offering true diversity directly connectable from each tenant floor
  • In 2012, LINX doubled the bandwidth
  • Hosts the London Internet Exchange peering platform allowing low-latency connectivity

Air conditioning and cooling

6 x 2.7MW chillers N 2 configuration

  • Room Air Conditioning Units (RACUs) to provide down-flow chilled water system at N 25%
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design
  • Free cooling operation in winter
  • RACU with bunded floor area and water leakage detection and monitoring
  • 900mm raised floor design with airflow space to provide the most efficient cooling
  • Maximum external ambient temperature of 35 degrees Celsius dry bulb


Secure and monitored single-person point of entry

  • Independent client card identification access system
  • Proximity card access is provided from the main data centre building and is issued to provide access only to authorised facilities management suites
  • Strict security processes are in place to ensure the delivery and loading of goods is secure
  • Secure and monitored single-person point of entry, physically guarded 24/7 and integrated digital video camera surveillance
  • CCTV coverage for the perimeter, common areas and facilities management suites


The Telehouse London Docklands site is powered by 100% renewable energy

  • Telehouse West has a built in waste heat exchange system facility to reuse lost heat to distribute to third parties and also pre-cool the chilled water, thus reducing both chiller and dry air cooler power requirements


This data center has the following certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Information Security Management
  • BS 25999-2:2007 Business Continuity Management
  • PCI – DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) Attestation
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and the Carbon Trust Standard

Fire detection and suppression

Data centre areas are fitted with a fully addressable two stage fire detection system that monitors both under-floor and the room itself

  • Detectors with a 50% mix of optical and ionisation are split across 2 separate zonal-loops, to meet BS 5839, 6266, 5445 and 5588
  • Dry sprinkler fire detection system to meet BS 5306, 3115 and with LFEPA approval. (Dry sprinkler is the main fire suppression method employed.)
  • Very Early Smoke Detection alarms (VESDA) installed throughout the facility
  • The systems are designed to minimise any possible customer disruption and to ensure that any minor problems remain localised

Next Generation Data, Newport Wales

Next Generation Data (NGD) is a unique facility built on the site of an uncompleted LG fabrication facility in Newport, Wales. NGD leased the site from the Welsh government and completed construction of a three floor facility with a total of 750,000 square feet (69,677 m2) and 30 data halls in 2009.

NGD provides a secure "out of town" location, away from flood plains and flight paths. In addition, NGD eliminated the distribution network for its 100% renewable power source. This isolates NGD from 97% of all power related issues caused by traditional delivery networks. All of these factors make it one of the most reliable, safe, and cost-effective data centres available today.

Both PCI-DSS and SSAE 16 compliant, NGD is positioned to handle all your security and data needs.

Our customers frequently use it as a disaster recovery location for their primary systems located at Telehouse West. But it is also a perfect location for primary systems when companies are looking to choose the most secure and environmentally friendly option.

Next Generation Data gallery

Next Generation Data
Next Generation Data
Next Generation Data
Next Generation Data


  • PUE of 1.2 to 1.5
  • Ground breaking Energy Management System
  • Diverse A and B intelligent PDUs with metering
  • BREEAM rating of Very Good
  • 100% green power
  • Dual power feeds with up to 90MW of power


  • 1000 fibres from 6 Tier 1 carriers with diverse routes
  • Multiple routes to US
  • Submarine cable connectivity to US and rest of world
  • Multiple diverse routes to London

Air conditioning

  • Hot and cold aisle
  • Individual CRAC monitoring and reporting
  • Ground breaking Energy Management System with dynamic cooling


  • 25m above sea level
  • No flight paths
  • Strict access authorisation programme in place
  • Layered Security with exterior fences, airlock doors, biometrics, swipecards, and CCTV
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • No flooding
  • No hazardous neighbours
  • IL3 as standard, customised design for IL4 and IL5

Telehouse New York, Manhattan

Located on the west side of Manhattan in New York City, Telehouse Chelsea has 60,000 square feet (5574 m2) of colocation space. The central location enables easy access to customers and the facility provides 24/7 access.

Chelsea offers one of the most robust networks options in a data centre with high performance cabling throughout to a variety of telecommunications providers. Direct connections to the New York International Internet Exchange are dual-redundant along with its extensions to other carrier hotels.

Security is maintained using multiple methods including CCTV, 24/7 security personnel, and biometric confirmation systems throughout the facility. It is also certified SSAE 16 compliant.

Multinational corporations requiring a presence in the Americas often choose Telehouse Chelsea for their primary location, and Telehouse New York Teleport for disaster recovery.

Telehouse New York gallery

Telehouse New York
Telehouse New York
Telehouse New York


Standard power to rack at 3.5kVA with scalable options to 5kVA

  • Single power feed of 4.15MVA in a N+2 confi guration is provided into the building to the data centre
  • Two to four independent power circuits per cabinet from the resilient banks of UPS on a (N+1) configuration with a battery capacity of 15 minutes at full load
  • 2 diesel generators at 5MVA fuelled to provide 80 hrs at full load; a third to be installed


Multiple bandwidth & IP connectivity options

  • Low monthly cross connect fees & choice of managed IT services inside or outside our facilities
  • Peering with Telehouse America’s International Internet Exchanges allows you to interconnect to multiple transit providers versus connecting individually, providing dramatic savings while offering you enhanced performance
  • Both NYIIX and LAIIX are based on Brocade carrier class and high speed platform. Public and/or private peering via VLAN services is available. Route servers are available at both locations.
  • As a carrier neutral facility we offer our clients a wide range of ISP/carriers as well as substantial diverse external and internal fiber routes (POE & building risers), all supported by the latest high performance cabling infrastructure
  • Telehouse America offers customers access to peer both publicly and privately on both coasts, providing connection points in New York (NYIIX) and Los Angeles (LAIIX). Our NYIIX ports have seamless switching fabrics at 85 10th Ave, 25 Broadway, 7 Teleport Drive, 60 Hudson St and 111 8th Ave. Our west coast exchange, LAIIX, also has seamless switching fabrics at 626 Wilshire and 1 Wilshire.

Air conditioning and cooling

Redundant N 1 cooling as 2 chiller systems with 4 risers

  • Maximum external ambient temperatures of 24˚C and 50% humidity
  • Four cooling towers
  • 24/7 central monitoring for all HVAC and building systems
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle zone design
  • Over 450 mm raised fl oor throughout


CCTV surveillance installed throughout internal and external perimeters

  • Secured & monitored single-person point entry and physical 24/7 security personnel on-site
  • Biometric security confirmation system throughout the facility
  • Strict security processes are in place to ensure delivery and loading of goods are secure
  • 24/7 authorized customer personnel access via regularly updated access lists with photo identification
  • Separate access card required for the use of elevators to access customer colocation floor

Fire detection and suppression

Visual/thermal fire alarm on two levels (ceiling and raised floor)

  • Gas suppression system ensures no damage to customer equipment
  • Rooftop antenna access
  • Smoke alarms with pre-action sprinklers
  • 24/7 onsite Facility Engineering, Technical Support & Customer Assistance Centre

Telehouse New York, Staten Island

Our Primary Co-Location facility is based in Telehouse West

Our largest US facility is Telehouse Teleport located on Staten Island, NY. Offering 162,000 square feet (15,000 m2) of space designed to be used as both a primary data centre and a disaster recovery site. Situated in a 100-acre office park operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the off shore location is still convenient to both Manhattan and Newark airport.

Telehouse Teleport offers direct access to the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) at up to 10GigE Peering interconnection point. Also a carrier neutral facility, Telehouse Teleport provides lightning fast connections and dual redundancy to ensure your network never goes down.

The outer security perimeter is provided by the Port Authority's 24/7 police patrols. A second inner perimeter is controlled by Telehouse with manned entrances and patrols 24/7. The exterior of the data centre is monitored by motion sensors and CCTV. The interior security includes biometric and electronic card security. Telehouse Teleport is also SSAE 16 certified compliant.

Telehouse Teleport provides a perfect location for customers looking for a US facility with impeccable security and networking capabilities.

Telehouse Staten Island gallery

Telehouse Staten Island
Telehouse Staten Island


Power information for Staten Island data center

  • Redundant commercial power feeds (10mW total available)
  • Four static UPS (1,500 useable kva); N+1 configuration
  • Leading and lagging output power factor without de-rating
  • Eight back up battery strings, handling full-power load for up to 15 minutes
  • Four rotary UPS (1,800 useable kva); N+1 configuration
  • Six diesel-powered generators (5,625 total kva); N+1 configuration
  • 48-hour diesel fuel supply on-site; multi- vendors deliveries within 24 hours


Connectivity details for Staten Island data center

  • Direct access to Telehouse’s popular New York City public peering exchange point, NYIID
  • Dark fiber available
  • DSR – IDF cabling infrastructure (Virtual Meet-Me-Room) throughout building suites
  • Multiple bandwidth & IP connectivity options
  • Two completely diverse fiber routes to/from site with diverse building entry paths.
  • Up to 10GigE Peering interconnection point to NYIIX
  • Transport capability to major local carrier hotels

Air conditioning and cooling

The Telehouse New York Teleport data centre has redundant air-conditioning units (N+1) in place to ensure top quality continuity and reliability.


Security and access information below

Perimeter 1 - The Teleport Park's Security by the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police

  • Designated high-level security zone
  • Outer perimeter infrared detectors and video
  • Grounds patrolled
  • Outer perimeter steel fencing (10 feet high)
  • Security gate with 24x7 guards
  • Authorized access only – requires picture ID

Perimeter 2 - Telehouse Teleport - 7 Teleport Drive's Security

  • 2nd perimeter of Outside Motion Detection and Video
  • 24x7 TELEHOUSE security personnel on-site
  • Photo ID required for site access
  • Building patrolled
  • Closed-circuit television video surveillance – internal and external
  • Electronic Card and Biometric Security
  • 24x7 authorized customer access monitored via regularly updated access lists

Fire detection and suppression

Telehouse New York Teleport provides pre-action sprinklers and halon or FM200 for fire suppression within the data centre.

Telehouse Frankfurt, Germany

Located just outside Germany's financial and telecommunications district, Telehouse Frankfurt is a facility with a total of 269,000 square feet (25,000 m2) currently available. The entire campus covers 721,000 square feet, providing a generous amount of room for future expansion in a highly space constrained and competitive market.

Telehouse Frankfurt is one of the largest data centres in Germany and provides a direct connection to the DE-CIX, Europe's second largest Internet exchange. This connection offers access to over 500 ISPs and carriers. Customers choose Telehouse Frankfurt to maintain a point of presence with connections throughout central and Eastern Europe.

Power to the data centre is provided by two independent power feeds and two separate substations. It also maintains a N+1 redundant UPS system able to support the data centre for three days if there is an extended power outage. These features allow us to offer guaranteed uptime and reliability SLAs even with Germany's power fluctuations.

Telehouse Frankfurt gallery

Telehouse Frankfurt
Telehouse Frankfurt


Power to rack up to 8kW with higher scalable options

  • N+1 redundant UPS-supported supplies with battery backup
  • Sub-distribution according to customer specifications with separate power supply meterings
  • Up to 21MVA uninterruptible emergency power
  • The data centre can be kept fully operational for three days in the event of a power failure through diesel generators


A carrier-neutral facility offering customers freedom of choice for connectivity with access to multiple major local and international network operators.

  • Optimum connection to the German Internet Exchange Hub (DE-CIX)
  • Direct connection to the Frankfurt fibre ring

Air conditioning and cooling

Redundant air conditioning and cooling systems at N 1

  • Room temperature maintained at 24°C 2/- 4°C
  • Relative humidity at 50% to 15%
  • Raised floor at 300-700 mm
  • Temperatures in the data centres are monitored by means of sensors
  • Floor load-bearing capacity from 5 to 15 kN/sqm


Video surveillance of outside areas with recording over a three-month period

  • Optional: video surveillance in rooms
  • 24/7 manned control centre on site – error messages are reported by a centralised control system
  • Strict access authorisation programme in place
  • Facility is surrounded with a detection-equipped fence
  • 24/7 onsite security staff
  • Optional: Biometric access control system

Fire detection and suppression

Visual/thermal fire alarm on two levels (ceiling and raised floor)

  • Active inergen fire extinguishing systems
  • Choice between rooms with active or passive fire protection
  • Option: early fire detection (RAS system)

Additional services:

Business Continuity Centre with up to 300 workstations for backing up business operations

  • 24/7 monitoring and remote hands services
  • Planning, financing, installation, 24/7 operation in a secure and highly available environment, in-house cabling and facility management by trained staff
  • Rental of offices, storage space and staging-rooms in a variety of sizes integrated within the security of Telehouse facilities

Additional Specifications:

Telehouse Frankfurt meets the Tier 3 classification with optional multi-tier allocated areas

  • Available on-site areas for construction of private Tier 4 data centres
  • Telehouse Franfurt is certified to ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management)
  • Telehouse Frankfurt is certified to IDW PS951 (German equivalent to Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70)

Telehouse, Singapore

Located just 20 minutes from the Changi airport, our Singapore facility has 1,800 m2 of space. Telehouse Singapore was designed for accessibility, infrastructure and risk reduction using leading technology solutions. Multinational companies looking to expand into Asia will find the data centre is located in one of the safest places in Asia.

Telehouse Singapore provides high quality internet access service. KDDI, Japan’s major telecom provider, is collocated within the facility providing international connections with the large backbone their company has built globally. There is also a 10 GB connection between Singapore and our other data centres for existing customers looking transition into Asia. The connectivity also provides our Asian customers the option for disaster recovery at our geographically removed data centres around the world.

Security at Singapore is provided by an onsite staff 24/7 and CCTV 24/7. The single-point entrance uses biometric identification to ensure only authorised visitors are given access to the site.

Singapore provides a perfectly located data centre for corporations in the Asian market.

Telehouse, Singapore gallery

Telehouse Singapore
Telehouse Singapore
Telehouse Singapore


  • Standard power per rack at 2.5kVA with a maximum power supply of 5kVA
  • Two independent power supply from different power stations
  • Average power supply at 860W/m² with a maximum at 1640W/m²
  • 2N UPS system with capacity at 15 minutes fully charged
  • N+1 oil driven private generators able to run for 24 hours continuously


  • Carrier neutral facility with connections to multiple carriers
  • International circuit connectivity provided by KDDI on-site

Air conditioning

  • Latest high volume air-conditioning system
  • N+2 redundancy climate control configuration
  • Thorough humidity and temperature management
  • Highly sensitive monitoring system enables immediate detection and response to facility environmental changes


  • 24-hour on-site personnel monitoring security of premises
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance cameras are installed around data center
  • Strict access authorisation programme in place
  • Biometric sensor verifies identity by using vein patterns, located at entrance to colocation space
  • Single-point entry used to prevent potential intruders tail gating into data center

Fire detection and suppression

  • Fire prevention system uses inert gas
  • Early smoke detection system in place with automatic fire extinguishing facility operating without damaging client equipment
  • Pre-action sprinkler installed

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