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Innovate, strategise, and grow your business with a private cloud

Amazing things can happen when your IT infrastructure becomes a platform to empower your business, rather than merely “support” it.

While cost savings is the primary motivator for transitioning to a hosted cloud solution, studies show companies report surprising benefits beyond saving 50% or more on IT costs. Using a private cloud to offer IT as a service to your company enables experimentation, innovation, and accelerates expansion into new product areas.

Before the cloud, every business initiative required IT to change to support it – new capital expenditures, training, long lead times for purchases, integration and testing. But now, with a private cloud, you’re free to allocate resources on demand to directly enable business objectives.

What’s included in a VMware hosted private cloud?

  • Dedicated compute, storage, and/or network resources
  • Access to VMware vCloud enterprise edition
  • Secure physical and virtual environments
  • Real time dynamic resource allocation
  • Upgrade hardware without interruption with “live add” capability
  • High availability and VM mobility
  • Can include a few or many servers: size doesn’t matter
  • Options for managed or unmanaged hosting
  • Performance when you need it

Benefits of a hosted private cloud

Realising the benefits of a private cloud involves more than just creating an IT infrastructure. It’s about managing the resources as a service to benefit your business. It’s a mindset difference many IT departments struggle to implement.

It’s a service

When you treat your private cloud as a service, it means departments request and receive just the IT resources they need. Forget about old, stove-piped IT solutions in each department.


Our experts can train your staff on how to use the full power of the cloud. We live and breathe the cloud and understand it’s about more than the tools – it’s what works for you.

All possibilities

There are as many private cloud configurations as there are companies. What you need depends on you, your existing requirements and where you may need in the future.

Quickly see benefits

In one VMware case study, a company managed to realise both productivity and efficiency gains in less than four weeks. Once deployed, you’ll be surprised how quickly you could see the benefits too.

Truly agile

Hosting a private cloud provides the ability to quickly respond to any business need. If the existing resources aren’t enough, we can simply add more without the need for you to make major capital expenditures, install, integrate or test.


Dedicated resources mean you’ll always have the power, storage, and network bandwidth you need for your most demanding applications. You’ll never worry about whose sharing the hardware with you.

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Expertise, experience, and partnership for your private cloud

Setting up a private cloud environment in a secure data centre is really just part of the story. In reality, the journey to a private cloud is as important as the final result.

Our hosted private cloud services go beyond signing a contract to create a private cloud. We know you are looking ahead to the end point and the benefits, and our goal is to get you there as quickly and painlessly as possible. But defining your requirements, sizing the compute resources to match, and then supporting you through the migration are all key aspects of what we offer, and what makes us different than other hosting providers.

We’ve helped small businesses and large multinational corporations create custom private clouds. Call us today to find out how we can become your partner in successfully creating a private cloud to empower your business.

PCI DSS compliant private cloud specialists

Companies that handle credit card information require special considerations for their private clouds. It’s a requirement to be PCI DSS compliant, which increases the complexity of the project. As a Visa certified Level 1 PCI compliant hosting provider, we can help you “build-in” compliance to any private cloud solution.

  • Physical Security
  • Perimeter security
  • Application security
  • Network security
  • Server security
  • Incident response
  • Administrative security
  • Data backup
  • Secure data deletion
  • Security audits and logs
  • Access control
  • Data management

Private cloud hosting example setup

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Private Cloud Hosting Environment

Global corporations trust us to host their private clouds

AXA Travel Insurance, AXA Assistance, LANDesk and TrustPay Global are just some of our customers. Whether you need a private cloud to ensure optimum performance, or to meet security and regulation compliance, these companies know you can find that and more with Netplan.

"We needed a powerful, instantly accessible platform which would allow us to serve customers requests 24x7. Netplan offered us enterprise grade hybrid cloud solution which provides us scalable capacities on demand with 100% uptime. We have been blown away with the support from Netplan technical resources."

David Meadows
Senior IT Consultant, IT reseller

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