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Hybrid clouds enable you to meet all your performance, security, compliance and cost requirements

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Add or remove capacity as your business needs change


Move applications, workloads and data between clouds as needed

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55% of companies will be using a hybrid cloud

Recent surveys show 42% of organisations worldwide are using hybrid clouds. Within two years over 55% will transition to a hybrid cloud, and within 5 years the overwhelming majority of companies will be using hybrid clouds.

These numbers aren’t surprising. For many companies, a hybrid cloud solution represents the best the cloud has to offer. You can leverage the flexibility, agility and costs savings of the public cloud, but still maintain the security, performance, and compliance you need for applications in your private cloud.

Our vCloud infrastructure, vSphere, and vConnector together provide:

  • Management of the entire cloud from within vSphere
  • A single content catalog across your hybrid cloud
  • Easily move workloads, VMs, vApps, and templates between clouds
  • Software defined data centres provide seamless networking
  • Enterprise infrastructure with no single point of failure
  • 100% uptime SLA on public cloud (and private if you host with us)
VMware Hybrid cloud hosting example

What is a hybrid cloud?

Hybrid clouds are just what the name implies: a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud used together by a single organisation. The private cloud can be internal, or also hosted with a service provider. Both the private and public clouds are usually virtualised using common software such as VMware vSphere.

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How to put a hybrid cloud to work for you


Because a hybrid cloud uses vSphere and vCenter, you can manage all your resources – public and private – from the same interface your IT already knows. No need to learn a new management suite.

Cost savings

Public clouds are attractive in part because of the cost savings they provide. A hybrid cloud allows you to take advantage of those savings for data and applications that don’t require your private cloud.


Our public cloud has a guaranteed 100% uptime SLA. Because of the redundant resources, proactive monitoring, and technical expertise, your hybrid cloud will always be there to run your applications.


Using vCloud connector you can provision, deploy or move VMs between your public and private clouds as easily as you can within a single cloud. All in a few clicks.

Respond to changes

The virtually unlimited resources of the public cloud mean you can take advantage of business opportunities as they arise without having to make capital investments, install and integrate new hardware.

Your own datacentre

A hybrid cloud can operate as one virtual data centre for your business and put IT to work for you fueling innovation, product or service development, experimentation, and new revenue streams.

Expertise, experience, and partnership for your hybrid cloud

Setting up a hybrid cloud environment can be a time consuming and stressful process. But it doesn’t have to be if you chose to use Netplan as your cloud hosting provider.

Our hosted cloud services go beyond signing a contract to create your cloud. We know you are looking ahead to the end point and the benefits, and our goal is to get you there as quickly and painlessly as possible. But defining your requirements, sizing the compute resources to match, and then supporting you through the migration are all key aspects of what we offer, and what makes us different than other hosting providers.

We’ve helped small businesses and large multinational corporations create custom hybrid clouds. Call us today to find out how we can become your partner in successfully creating a hybrid cloud to empower your business.

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