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Simplify desktop management and lower IT costs

Estimates say 80% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance tasks. This is arguably especially true for managing individual employee desktop and laptop systems.

Virtualisation and the cloud offer an alternative to time intensive desktop management. Our Desktop as a Service, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, enables you to simplify management, reduce IT costs, and offer you an easier path to upgrading legacy applications and operating systems.

Streamline your desktop IT management

  • Use the same image for every user, or each user type
  • Avoid unnecessary hardware upgrades due to OS updates
  • Consolidate costs with pay as you go pricing
  • Install applications, update drivers, and patches once
  • Just one system to test and troubleshoot

What is desktop hosting?

Hosted desktops are virtualised desktop environments, including applications, operating systems residing in the cloud. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a service providing the infrastructure and virtualisation tools to host your company’s desktop systems. Employees can log in using any system connected to the internet and run their “desktop” as though it were physically there.

Hosted Desktop Example

Struggling with BYOD?

Employees today often access work email, files, and applications from their personal devices. This creates a management and security nightmare for IT departments working hard to maintain configuration control and minimise security risks.

Cloud hosted desktops help mitigate BYOD issues by allowing employees to access the standard desktop configuration and application from any device connected to the internet. Files and applications remain on the server, reducing security risks. Employees also can’t introduce new software, devices, drivers, or applications into the virtual desktop without IT approval.

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