Green Hosting Policy

We’ve Helped Reduce Carbon Emissions by More than 3.6Mt CO2e Year after Year

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Caring for the environment is not just a policy, it is part of our core philosophy

There are over 3,200 data centres operating in the world today. Not all of them are created equal. When we select which ones to use for our cloud services, environmental impact is one of the primary criteria we examine. We also partner with hardware providers striving to create the most efficient systems possible to minimize the effect technology use and manufacturing can have on the environment. Combine these choices with a corporate culture of recycling and energy efficiency and we’ve created a business that is green from our desks to our data centres.

Carbon Trust Certified

We are consistently working to reduce our carbon footprint. After an independent certification process, our UK Telehouse data centres were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS). This award means we’ve reduced CO2 emissions and improved our water usage and waste management year after year. In total, all organisations awarded the CTS have reduced emissions by over 3.6Mt CO2e year after year. We’re proud to be part of such a successful and continuing reduction.

100% Renewable Power Sources

Advances in power generation mean we don’t need to rely on carbon fuels to power our data centres. Whenever possible we use power from renewable energy sources. Our UK data centres, Telehouse West and Next Generation Data both run entirely on 100% certified renewable energy.

Cooling by Design

All of our data centres monitor temperatures to ensure a maximum temperature of 24 C. The design of the air conditioning and heating systems leverage natural patterns. This hot isle/cold isle zone design minimises the power needed to maintain temperatures. Servers operating in ideal temperature conditions are more efficient and use less power. They are also less apt to fail due to overheating.

All of our efforts to help improve and maintain the environment are also passed on to you. Whether you are looking to reduce your own carbon footprint or to simply choose environmentally friendly providers, we can help.

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