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The Top 5 Reasons IT Directors Are Choosing Cloud

  • January 5th 2018
  • by amy.hitchmough

In February 2017, the Cloud Industry Forum research showed that 88% of the UK businesses they polled were using cloud services. Additionally, 67% of those same businesses anticipated an increase in their use of the cloud during 2017. Cloud-based applications and storage are now part of daily life for most businesses. If your business or enterprise has yet to move to the cloud, or you’ve just started your journey, here are five key reasons you should be choosing cloud!

1. Stability

Staying on top of software updates and security patches gets more and more difficult as your business grows. Additionally, old capex investments may have aged out, leaving you worried about repairing old hardware and manually upgrading software on your team’s devices. Cloud-based applications and databases can be automatically updated with new software and critical security programs, all managed by your cloud hosting provider.

2. Mobility

According to the most recent TUC data from 2015, 13.7% of the UK workforce works from home; that’s approximately 4 million employees. This new trend is linked to increased use of cloud storage and the ubiquity of internet connections. Hosting your business’ operations and communications in the cloud will make you an attractive choice for the best candidates from an increasingly-mobile and remote workforce.

3. Security

Cloud hosting gives you access to customisable security methods for protecting your client data and proprietary information. Cloud hosting with enhanced encryption additional layers of security can help you reach PCI-DSS and having your most important files in the cloud means that worrying about missing kit like employee laptops is a thing of the past, as they can be erased remotely without ever compromising your security.

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4. Productivity

Complicated internal IT systems could be keeping your team from achieving higher goals and working more efficiently. Moving applications and databases to the cloud means less time spent looking after finicky hardware or waiting for your colleague to find and send files to you. Especially if your employees are part of that remote & mobile workforce, remote access to your data and systems will become a valuable asset.

5. Scalability

The top advantage of the cloud, however, is its ability to grow with your business. Previously, data storage & IT decisions were based on an attempt to predict your future growth. Now, you can pay for the storage you use now, and make informed decisions to upgrade your cloud usage as you grow. Increase your efficiency and manage your IT budget better with the confidence that the cloud can always keep up with your business’ unique needs.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to consider moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud, or to start creating your custom solution, contact our expert team here. To explore how Netplan have helped other businesses, read our case studies here.

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