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  • September 10th 2017
  • by amy.hitchmough
Which Type of Cloud is Right for Me?

There are as many possible data storage solutions as there are companies, and because your data storage and IT infrastructure needs are unique, your business will need a thoughtful and creative solution. Negotiating the differences between public, private, and hybrid cloud will be important to finding the right balance between cost, scalability, security, and creativity.

Types of Cloud Storage:
The Public Cloud

-offers you powerful solutions over the internet, including familiar ones like AWS and Microsoft Azure

-is excellent for non-sensitive data & collaboration

-allows the cloud provider to absorb the larger costs of maintaining hardware and updating software

The Private Cloud

-is personalised, and has unique virtual layers of security which will store your data in a protective bubble

-allows you to collaborate with your service provider on proprietary architecture to meet your needs

-can be configured to meet the strictest data protection regulations

The Hybrid Cloud

-combines the best of public & private with on and off-site servers

-allows you to decide where your data is best stored

-is customizable, i.e.: you could choose a public cloud as a backup or DR option, while keeping proprietary data on a private cloud in-house

There is always more nuance than simple pros and cons allow.

With that in mind, here are three things you should consider when choosing cloud storage:

1) Are you doing more than storing data?

If your business needs go beyond simple data storage exploring all three types is essential. For example, you can test new apps which are under development in a public cloud, without needing to build up all the background infrastructure. If that is successful, you can launch in a private or hybrid cloud. Unlock the hidden potentials of cloud storage by discovering what your provider can help you achieve beyond mere storage.

2) Does your industry have strict security protocols?

A public cloud may not meet the data security requirements for medical, insurance, or legal businesses. With a private or
hybrid solution, you can keep more sensitive data in a safer environment and feel confident that you are meeting data protection compliance regulations. At Netplan we’ll work with you to make sure that whatever solution you choose meets your security needs.

3) Is money an issue?

Rightscale are a USA-based company who conduct a yearly “State of the Cloud” survey. Their findings shed light on trends which will undoubtedly affect businesses in the UK as well. Interestingly, of the 1,000 businesses surveyed, the most-cited challenge among mature cloud users was managing costs, not security. According to Rightscale, reducing waste spending would be the top initiative for most of these companies in 2017. The collective attention of cloud users has been turned towards cutting costs, re-evaluating how much they are spending on their cloud storage, and whether they are using these services to their full potential. Finding a fiscally-responsible cloud storage plan is becoming easier all the time.

The most important thing to consider is whether your cloud service provider has the expertise and the drive to find the best solution for you. At Netplan we’re an agnostic IT provider. We’ll work with you to ensure that you have the most powerful solutions at your fingertips. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert team members about choosing the right cloud please click here.

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