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3 Important Benefits of DRaaS

  • October 10th 2017
  • by amy.hitchmough
Three Important Benefits of Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS)

Disaster recovery (DR) plans are easily pushed to the bottom of a business owner’s to-do list. Spending capital on backup hardware and software to replicate infrastructure feels like a necessary evil. In past years, buying the duplicate hardware was the only option for businesses to protect their data from a disaster. This gave DR the reputation for being expensive and only for companies with enterprise-sized IT budgets.

But “disaster” is a very broad term, and is likely to affect all businesses in time. Disasters range from natural flooding and fires to simple human error or the malicious intent of hackers. Any of these situations are all-too common. As in other areas of life, preparedness for disaster is a necessity. Thankfully, DRaaS is the new standard in DR, and cloud-based storage makes flexible DRaaS attainable (not a luxury) for even the smallest companies.

Three Benefits to DRaaS:

1) DRaaS is more secure than a backup

If your data is lost, files are corrupted, or your system is compromised, then your BaaS provider can give you a copy of your most-recent backup. But if critical infrastructure or applications are lost, then they won’t be able to help. You’ll need to redirect time, personnel, and money into rebuilding the infrastructure that was lost. Because DRaaS is an open model of moving your entire infrastructure to the cloud, you won’t be wasting precious time to return to normal operations. Having DRaaS means testing and re-resting occur regularly to reassess your business’ RPO and RTO. DRaaS can also help your business meet more aggressive data protection regulations and gives you access to cutting edge security technologies.

2) DRaaS has flexible costs

They say that time is money, and when it comes to DR, that’s certainly true. Choosing DRaaS means that you’ll be able to test your company’s resilience to losing data, and make a plan with your DR provider to restore your systems and operations as quickly as possible. Financially speaking, DRaaS is a manageable OpEx instead of a massive CapEx investment; you pay only for what you use on a subscription basis, and the DRaaS provider absorbs the hardware and personnel costs.

3) DRaaS grows with you

With simple BaaS, your company has to try and predict your future DR needs based on anticipated growth. When you choose DRaaS, you’re choosing flexible scalability, meaning that you can always re-assess your DR needs, and purchase more storage or security when you need it. This flexibility is what makes DRaaS attainable even when you’re starting small, but have ambitions to grow.

At Netplan, we know the value of partnering with a DRaaS provider who will support you through any data disaster. Contact us if you’d like to speak with someone about protecting your data infrastructure and creating the most effective and secure DR plan for your business.

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